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BUDO Camp 2013  Sep 13th-15th

Budo Camp is an annual three day seminar that brings together martial artists from around the world. During this weekend of training, learning and fun, experts from numerous martial arts styles share and demonstrate their knowledge in specialized sessions. Instructors for Budo Camp 2013 include: Professor Ryan Angel for SubLevel Four Kenpo™, Sensei Asa Seeley for Kyusho Jitsu,  Niko Huffman Systema, Criss Moosman Semi Professional MMA Fighter,  Sensei Jason Graham for Aikido, and Sensei Shawn Steiner for Shaolin Kempo. These sessions are prefaced with an introduction followed by lessons in application.

This is a unique martial arts camp. The attendees come together with the intent to learn from each other, while developing both their martial arts and their minds and bodies. The weekend accommodates martial artists at all levels of ranks and experience.  All are welcome regardless of style or experience.

Budo Camp is an opportunity to meet open minded martial artists of many styles and broaden your scope of experience in the martial arts. View our testimonials, then register today and join us!