Sifu Miles Coleman

Sifu Miles Coleman RH AHG- EWCH has pursued the twin disciplines of kung fu and TCM for 40 years. Sifu Coleman holds master ranks in 2 kung fu styles and teaches for several large international martial arts organizations. Sifu Coleman’s study of traditional kung fu led him to train in the arts of DA KE (trauma medicine) TCM and SHEN KUNG (Spiritual healing based on buddhist philosophy).

Sifu Coleman traveled to taiwan and became a direct disciple of master YUEN YING GOA, learning herbal and trauma medicine.In addition, Miles became the sole inheritor of the goa family healing methods and became their ONLY representative outside the 300 year old family tradition.

While teaching kung fu in the early 90s he became aware of the EAST WEST SCHOOL OF HERBOLOGY founded by OMD LaC Michael Tierra. Upon completion of the course and graduating with the title EWCH, he mentored personally with Dr Tierra and applied and received professional membership to the AHG in 2004.

Sifu Coleman has run herbal clinics in 3 states since 1996. These were private practices and ALL MANNER of illness was treated, not just physical trauma and martial art / sports injuries.
Currently he is on staff and a teacher for the East West School. He conducts online chats in materia medica and case studies.He has mentored several students who completed their professional membership To the AHG. He has been a teacher for the East West schools annual seminar in Ben Lomond Ca, since 2000. He has taught topics ranging from TCM theory, to formula classes, qigong etc and is one of East Wests favorite teachers.

Sifu Coleman maintains a busy teaching schedule involving training herbalists and martial artists in the arts of herbal medicine, kung fu and spiritual arts. Miles is currently working on courses to teach the art of DA KE and five element herbalism. He maintains a small clinical practice in addition to his mentoring for East West School. Sifu Coleman is also a teacher and practitioner of energy healing arts and teaches that as well nationally and internationally.