Sensei Asa Seeley

Sensei Asa SeeleySensei Seeley holds a 4th degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo, and a 5th degree black belt in Kyusho Jitsu,   He also holds a black sash in Wah Lum Gung fu.  He is founder and chief operator of  American School Kara-te  in North Andover, Massachusetts. He has over 30 years of martial arts experience and has taught all over the world.  Sensei Seeley is a certified defensive tactics instructor for  Force Options Tactical Training Solutions of Phoenix, Arizona.  He was awarded Ambassador of the Year Award 2007 by Kyusho International and has appeared in many International magazine articles, DVD”s, and books  with many Grand Masters.

Sensei Seeley always reminds his students to, “Remain open minded, consistent in practice, dedicated to self improvement and enjoy the journey.”  He believes by using ancient techniques in martial arts, we can condition our body, mind and spirit far greater than in any other form of exercise.