What to Bring

Here you can find a list of recommended and not allowed items for Budo Camp. 

Parents: Please make sure your child(ren) have everything they need for the day when you drop them off, including meal money and any other items listed below.

Highly Recommended

Gi or training clothes (optional 2nd Gi for outside training)
Clothes appropriate for 50°-70° weather
Shoes for training (outdoors)
Non-training clothes
Registration form if you didn’t complete online. If you are under 19 it MUST be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Medication (please notify staff if you are taking medicine during Budo Camp)
Spending money (for meals, snacks and other amenities)
Meals or snacks (water will be provided)
Notebook and pen/pencil
Positive and respectful training attitude




Training knife, gun etc. (no real weapons allowed)
Book or other reading materials
Camera (pictures only–no video recording allowed)
Insect repellent
Sun screen (for training outdoors)
Sparring and other gear



Not Allowed

Weapons, ammunition or fireworks of any kind.
Illegal drugs of any kind.
Materials that could pose a danger to instructors, participants or the camp.
Video recorder of any kind (video can be taken during ceremonies only with permission from staff)

Possession of these will be grounds for dismissal from camp without a refund.